5 Things I Learned Last Summer

Every summer, I reflect on what I did, what I learned, and how it has helped me to better define who I am. As I took the bus home the other day, I remembered I had written a post on the things I learned last summer. I was surprised of how much I’d forgotten about them, but it was nice to relive what I was feeling in the moment that I wrote the post. Additionally, I was relieved at the fact I’d gotten just in time to look back at these in order to keep them in mind for the summer that is just starting.

Context: Last summer was perhaps one of the best I’ve ever had. (I’m assuming this one will be even better since I’ll be leaving in a few weeks to study abroad in Europe!!!) I interned at one of the leading banks in Puerto Rico where I met amazing individuals and where I was able to better develop myself as a professional. I also got a membership at one of the fitness centers back home and got in the best shape I’ve ever been in (working on getting back to it for the trip). I also did some unexpected summer lovin’ on the side (cue for Summer by Calvin Harris). Although things fell through a few months after summer ended, it was-dare I say it- an absolute perfect and great experience. (I’ll admit that I’m crossing my fingers for some summer lovin’ in Europe though 😉 )

Now that you know a little bit more of the context behind what I wrote, you are ready to read along. I hope you keep these lessons close to your heart as the summer progresses. Hey, you never know how much one or more of these end up making your summer that  much better.

Let’s go back in time to August 21, 2014…

This summer has truly been one of the best ones I have had. No, I didn’t get to travel to another exotic country, but I did get to meet amazing individuals and had new wonderful experiences that helped me grow by teaching me how to live life a little better. I learned some insightful things this summer that I would love to share with you all.

1) Life isn’t necessarily about what you’re doing but about who you’re with. Surround yourself with people with ambitions, goals, and interests similar to yours. I promise that everything will be better with them no matter what you’re doing.

I had the great opportunity of meeting PHENOMENAL people this summer. My fellow interns who I met at the internship, my other coworkers, and new friends I made so unexpectedly: it was you all who made my summer unforgettable! Being surrounded by all of you made me love the times together even if we were beating ourselves up in the office or when my other friends and I had no idea what we were doing for the night. Seriously, when I look back to this summer, all I think about are laughs and an amazing time notwithstanding the circumstance.

2) DON’T BE SO UPTIGHT! This is a huge one for me, because everyone who knows me knows I’m as uptight as the word can get! It’s okay to break the rules every now and then. Walk slower. Sleep longer. Let go. Have fun. You only have one life to live, so give yourself a chance and take risks. Live a little!

3) WORKING out and breaking a sweat isn’t so bad at all. You can get addicted to it (the good kind), and hey, you feel badass when you start seeing how extra nice you look in the mirror. Motivation, determination, and perseverance; that’s all you need! (oh, and copious amounts of water) 

4) Unexpected moments happen all the time, but unexpected moments that will turn out to truly mean something are beyond rare. I learned that the moments you live and people you meet unexpectedly are the best ones yet, so never underestimate times as meaningless ones and just enjoy the ride!

5) Everything happens for a reason. God won’t close a door without opening a golden gate for you. We might not understand why, but it’s ALL for the best. We’ll see it once it happens, and we’ll be glad it all happened the way it did. Stop worrying, have a little faith, and know that everything will turn out the way they should. Better things are always waiting around the corner. Keep walking.


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