Week 5: More Adventures, Please

This past week continued with a musical feel to it. On Wednesday, we went to a place where a live band was playing. And yes, you guessed it… I was up on stage in a matter of minutes within my arrival.

I’ve been so caught up on academics and on my future that I’d forgotten how much I’ve truly missed performing. And I’m not referring to those performances where you rehearse for months on end and have every note and every dynamic perfected to a tee. (Shout out to my girls in Oriana Singers, the absolute best and most beautiful women’s choir at Penn State!!)

No, I’m talking about the improvised performances where you get on a stage and communicate with the other musicians. The kind of performances where you don’t really know how it’s going to turn out, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re enjoying making music with others. You are flowing with the music and the music is flowing within you.  And in those three to four minutes, nothing else matters.

I’ve uploaded the video, so you can see for yourself (actually, the video is kind of dark, so you’ll really have to hear it out). Hopefully, you’ll notice how the musicians are not just merely playing chords but are passionately playingleaving it all on the stage. I never would have thought I would be performing with musicians who spoke a language different to my own, but I just now realized we were all speaking a common language: music.

On Thursday night, a group of us made our way to Dublin, Ireland, my ninth country so far. We woke up Friday early in the morning to go to the Cliffs of Moher. To be honest, I pretty much booked it because the other half was going to go golfing. “Eh, I’ll do the cliffs instead. They’ll be okay to watch.”

OKAY?!?! They were INCREDIBLE!!! I was immediately stunned at the beauty of the cliffs as soon as we arrived. Literally, they were breath-taking. I really don’t have any words to describe how delighted my eyes were from gazing at such a marvelous sight.



The pictures really don’t do justice



I mean, look at this view!!



Don’t mind me risking my life


We walked around on only one of the sides of the cliffs since we only had two hours, and the cliffs are huge! As in Denmark, the weather was very chilly. I came prepared this time though 🙂 I know I’ve said this in pretty much every country I’ve visited, but I really couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was.

As I glimpsed at the waves crashing against the cliffs, I felt energized and all-around happy. It’s true that traveling in your 20s is a MUST. When else will you have the same amount of time and energy to go around the globe, and walk, and hike, and climb, and jump, and stay out until 4am only to wake up at 7am? I’m typically more mature for my age, and I’m always wanting to “grow” up faster than everyone else but right there and then, I was content being just 21. Oh, the joy of being young!

After leaving the cliffs, we went to another sight called the “Baby Cliffs” and then made our way to the city of Galway where we explored some more before returning to Dublin.



I need a new umbrella, by the way!



After such an awesome day seeing majestic sights and being toured by our enthusiastic guide, John, we all decided to continue the party and experience the Irish nightlife.


The next day, the whole gang split up so that we could explore Dublin on our own. I was accompanied by two of my friends from the trip. We started out morning with an authentic full Irish Breakfast (YUM!).


A spoonful of Irish is right…


Then, we went to the Dublin castle, the Christ Church Cathedral, and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.



(As I was being told to get off the grass)






The day continued with the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Whiskey Distillery. I have to admit that I’ve been drinking a lot of beer on this trip (sorry, mom). I’m definitely not a beer person, and I’m not a heavy drinker at all. BUT given the fact that I’ve been visiting some of the countries that make the BEST beer, I’ve had to give them a try… you know, for traveler’s sake 😉

So when I found out I was going to Ireland, I knew I had to have a try of their Guinness beer.

Not so bad…


Never mind, it’s too bitter for my liking


When we arrived to the Jameson Distillery, tickets were sold out for the last tour. Lucky for us, some guys had extra tickets they had gotten for free, which we got for a discount!


After the tour, I can definitely say I am NOT a whiskey gal. I did enjoy the Apple Cider Irish beer, but my favorite up until now has been Belgium’s Liefmans Fuitesse and Britain’s Cherry beer (I’m not sure the exact name of the last one, but it has something to do with Britain and cherry). 

I took a whip of the Irish nightlife again only to end up in a Latino club and dancing to salsa, bachata, and merengue! Although everyone ended splitting up and it was just me and my friend James, it turned out to be a great last night in Dublin.

I can’t believe this is the beginning of my last week in Europe. Where has time gone?!?!? I’m excited for this week as we’ll be visiting Luxembourg tomorrow, and a friend from high school will stop by to visit on Wednesday. I can’t wait to start writing my last blog, cause I’ve been saving a lot of things for the last one!!

These past 5 weeks have been phenomenal. I pray this last week is filled with even more adventures… Gotta make it count!


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