My Voice, Our Voice

Written in 2011 as my personal statement for college admissions. Dedicated to all those voices  I’ve come across that have made my own become stronger. Thank you for joining me in song.

My voice is keen when seeking justice. My voice is wise when giving guidance. My voice is loud while others are faint. My voice leads, but also follows. My voice is simple, and yet profound.

My voice has served me well throughout my life. It has touched the hearts of those that have gotten an earful of my singing and awed the spectators that have presenced the change in my vocals with each and every character I have personified for a dramatic piece. I have understood that, if used wisely, my voice and words may enable me to achieve all of the aspirations I have set forth for myself.

I have also realized that my voice is the most powerful tool I possess. It has the ability of comforting the grieved and encouraging the ambivalent. Moreover, the transcendental force within the sounds emitted through my lips has earned me many honors as well as enlightening experiences, all which have molded me to become an advocate of fairness and a pursuer of justice.

Nevertheless, my voice is not alone in this world. There are others just like mine and different to my own that are waiting restlessly to be heard, to be acknowledged. When we all unite, a great ensemble is formed of hundreds of effervescent voices aspiring to make a significant change together through a bond of synergy.

My voice longs to be an instrument of change in our society. In the future, I desire to use my voice as a vector of guidance, inspiration, and enlightenment. With this mechanism, I will conquer the unconquerable, change the unchangeable, and reach the unreachable. But above all, I aspire to accompany other voices in harmony so that my own may mature and satisfy itself knowing that with every note, a greater song is being created.


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