3 Things Summer 2016 Taught Me

My summer came to an end but with it, a new chapter has just started.

If you asked me how my summer went, I’d have to say it was pretty relaxed. Nothing too exciting happened, but I’m glad it turned out the way it did. I ended up learning a few very valuable things that I’d like to share with all of you. 

I. True Forgiveness: See, even before summer started, I had a lot of anger and resent in my heart. Being reluctant to forgive was bringing bitterness to my life, and it was getting greater with each and every day that passed. Fortunately, I was able to unwind and clear my mind in order to let go of the negativity in my soul. I learned that a continued path of resent only adds to the weight one carries; a weight that is not shared with anyone else. Moreover, I learned that to truly let go, one must be willing and able to forgive without necessarily being asked for forgiveness. It’s easier to pardon when the other side knows they were wrong, but true forgiveness happens regardless.

II. Make Peace with your Solitude: I also learned that true happiness is reached when you make peace with your solitude. For years, I would look for companionship/friendships in the wrong places just because I hated being by myself. And it’s natural to want some company- we’re human for crying out loud. However, if the desperation of wanting someone by your side (friend or other) is greater than actually wanting to be with the person, things will not end well. Love being by with yourself. Love going to dinner with yourself. Love going for walks with yourself. Heck, love going out to bars with yourself. You are your best company! The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll be MUCH happier.

III. Don’t Give All of You to Everyone: I usually give my 150% in everything I do; school, work, hobbies, and relationships of all kind. Consequently, I’ve struggled my entire life with giving too much of myself to people who ended up taking me for granted. As I’ve said before, I will bend over backwards for the people I love. Unfortunately, not everyone will appreciate your efforts. Not everyone will see all the strings you pull for them or the sacrifices you make just for their sake. Not everyone will care or appreciate it. Being able to distinguish who deserves you fully will save you time, energy, and heartaches. By all means, don’t stop being kind or generous, just be wiser.

I hope these lessons become as treasured to you as they are to me. I know I’ll keep them close to my heart during the new chapter that has begun.

Speaking of which… For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started working as an FX Trader in New York City. I’ll definitely be blogging about my big girl adventures in the Big Apple and around the world- I’ll be leaving to do training in Zurich, Switzerland for a month in just two weeks. So yeah, you can say I’m pretty excited!!!

Next time I write to you, I’m hoping I’ll be somewhere in the Alps. Stay tuned ❤



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